The Roller Coster Life Of 2016


Eh..tiba2 pula nak tulis blog dalam bahasa English kan? Da confirm2 banyak kesalahan grammar pula nanti. Tapi takpe..dalam proses pembelajaran memang akan banyak buat silap. Yang penting kita sentiasa ingin belajar dan belajar kan? 😊

2016...I can say that this is a very fruitfull year for me. A year with full of roller coster ride. A year where laughter and tears come together and a special year for me to remember for the rest of my life.

Apple of my eye

I am so thankful to Allah Al Mighty for His blessing and giving me a wonderful angle name Amna Qureatulaini Dwidad. My daughter, you are my sunshine, you are the apple of my eye and you will always be the love of my life. Syukur alhamdulillah to Allah for giving you to me..

2016 will be a turning point journey for me to live a healthier life. Joining Jom Sihat Taiping organize by Own & Dayah Fitness Centre help me to get the weight that i never thought that i will achieve by myself. Jom Sihat 3,4,Extreme, 6 and also Personal Training helps me to be a healthier person, aprreciate life even more and most of all, making me a better person. I gain the confident which i lost few years back when i was still obese. I may not reach my ideal weight now, but I will not give up and I know that I will come back more stronger than before. InsyaAllah..

Shaklee has always been apart of my life since 4 years back. I can say that this year after working so hard in promoting and selling Shaklee, Allah has given me more and more oppurtunity to help other to create a better life and better health with Shaklee. Shaklee has help me to grew as a leader and slowly it gives passion in business. It will be a long long long and long journey to get to the top, but i wont quit and will never quit because I am in 

There are a lot of people that i want to thank for. You know who you are..thank you for always be there for me during my ups and low. Thank you for supporting me throughout my journey of life. Thank you for making me a better person. Thank you so so so much. I love every one of you..😙😙

Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017..A new year and a new chapter of life. May Allah ease everything that we do and may i become a better khalifah, a better muslimah and a  better mother 




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